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    Apartments & Holiday Home Villa i Poggioli

    Have a look at our pic gallery to appreciate the quality of our apartments, we personally furnished and decorated.
    We take the best possible care of our guests, from breakfast until bedtime, providing any comfort and personal need.
    Here we are, waiting for you to come and visit us.
    The place is quiet and safe for children.

    Bocca di Magra is a bordering strip of land between Liguria and Tuscany, which has kept its quiet and splendid landscape viewing on the marble tops of the Apuan Alps and providing a continuous inspirational source for anybody who keep on visiting it and loving it.
    Let us go back in time, when the area was visited by the most famous Italian Poetae Laureatae like Cesare Pavese, Giulio Einaudi, Vittorio Sereni, Eugenio Montale, Elio Vittorini, Marguerite Duras, Franco Fortini, all of them creating a progressive community that made the editorial success of Giulio Einaudi, who became one of the most assiduous visitor of the resort.
    He was not, of course, the only one.
    Many others chose it as their “splendid retreat“, sometimes devoting to it some brief quotations, sometimes poems, as can be found in Dante’s or Petrarch’s works or Montale’s “Coming back home”.

    Here life is still between a golden silence and a bloody sunset, between the locals and the anglers approaching the coast to sell their freshly caught fish.
    Nature, here, is still unblemished and the underwood, populated by hundreds years old trees and mushrooms, seem to be springing up from a fairy tale.
    It‘s hard to express the feelings that one may feel in front of such a wonder.
    Come and see it yourself, it will certainly become your soul place.